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5M3 Déménagement (essentiell...

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Posted on 31/05/2017
User CecilePP
This offer will expire : 15/06/2017
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Delivery date :
Between 28/06/2017 and 05/07/2017
Delivry place :
Gleizé (69400) France
Place type :


Date : 28/06/2017 - 05/07/2017
Place : Gleizé (69400)
Country : France
Category :
Volume : 5m3 m3
Moving Formula: Economique (Help ?)
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Additional information :
Déménagement constitué essentiellement de cartons. Il y a aussi un petit meuble de rangement Ikea, un vélo enfant et quelques objets fragiles. It includes essentially small boxes ( I don't think I have 5m3, it should be less than that). Only one storage cabinet for kids as furniture, one bike for kid and few fragile objects such as paintings, TV, telescope
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Distance estimation: 1526.56 km 15 h 10 min

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