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Your move

Be as specific as possible about:
- Loading and delivery conditions.
Ex: narrow street, loading through windows, 2 people to help at the start
- The list of your main items to be transported.
Ex: 1 large table of 3mx2m
- NEVER give out your contact information to protect your privacy and security!

Volume calculator

Volume total: m3
  • Entrance
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Miscellaneous
TV Cabinet Quantity
Mirror Quantity
Shoe furniture Quantity
Carpet Quantity
Pedestal table Quantity
Console Quantity
Chair Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity
Column cabinet Quantity
Base cabinet Quantity
Laundry basket Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity
Washing machine Quantity
Dryer Quantity
Medicine cabinet Quantity
Wall shelf Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity Office desk Quantity
2-seater sofa Quantity Chair Quantity
Armchair Quantity Living Quantity
HiFi system Quantity Secretary desk Quantity
Coffee table Quantity Sofa bed Quantity
3-seater sofa Quantity Corner sofa Quantity
TV Quantity TV + furniture Quantity
Library Quantity Showcase Quantity
Floor lamp Quantity Chest of drawers Quantity
Lighting (Chandelier) Quantity Pouf Quantity
Lighting (Bedside lamp) Quantity Bolster / Side table Quantity
Lighting (Floor lamp) Quantity
Buffet Quantity Wall unit Quantity
Base unit Quantity Chair Quantity
Table Quantity Stool Quantity
Cooker Quantity Fridge Quantity
Dishwasher Quantity Oven Quantity
Baby chair Quantity Baking plate Quantity
Microwave Quantity Freezer Quantity
Washing machine Quantity Bar/counter Quantity
Refrigerator (Standard) Quantity Bench Quantity
Refrigerator (Top) Quantity
Refrigerator (American) Quantity
Buffet 2 corps Quantity Low buffet Quantity
Service Quantity Living Quantity
Chair Quantity Table Quantity
Pantry cabinet Quantity Pedestal table Quantity
Hutch Quantity Armchair Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity Grandfather clock Quantity
Chair Quantity Dresser cabinet Quantity
Armchair Quantity Single bed Quantity
Double bed Quantity Bedside Quantity
Bunk bed Quantity Baby bed Quantity
2-door cabinet Quantity 3-door wardrobe Quantity
Toy chest Quantity Changing table Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity Wardrobe box Quantity
Dresser Quantity Mattress (single) Quantity
Dressing Quantity Mattress (double) Quantity
Office chair Quantity
Trunk / Canteen Quantity
Pouf, footrest Quantity
Garden table Quantity
Garden chair Quantity
Sunbathing Quantity
Parasol Quantity
Barbecue (Coal) Quantity
Barbecue (Electric) Quantity
Barbecue (Stone) Quantity
Arbor Quantity
Plants (Small) Quantity
Plants (Medium) Quantity
Plants (Large) Quantity
Mower Quantity
Motorcycle Quantity
Scooter Quantity
Ladder/Stepladder Quantity
Shelf Quantity
Established Quantity
Mower Quantity
Cardboard box Quantity
Bike (Adult) Quantity
Bike (Child) Quantity
Children Quad Quantity
Wine cellar (30 bottles) Quantity
Toolbox Quantity
Wine bottles Quantity
Upright piano Quantity
Grand piano Quantity
Pool table Quantity
Babyfoot Quantity
Painting Quantity
Aquarium (120L) Quantity
Aquarium (180L) Quantity
Aquarium (240L) Quantity
Aquarium (300L) Quantity
Aquarium (400L) Quantity
Body-building equipment (exercise bike) Quantity
Body-building equipment (treadmills) Quantity
Wheelbarrow Quantity
Ping pong table Quantity

Moving package

To know more

To define the moving package that suits you, please answer the questions below:

People will be able to help me load and unload everything:

I want the movers to dismantle and reassemble some furniture:

I want the movers to make the packing:

You must fill in an answer above to define your moving package

Moving Package
Moving Package

Four packages are generally offered by most moving companies. It is your more or less active participation in packaging and preparation operations that differentiates them.

Package The Truck with driver move
You do the cardboarding, dismantling of furniture and protection of fragile objects. You provide the necessary people to load and unload. The mover will only come with the truck and will help you load and unload the truck.

Package The Economic move
You do the cardboarding, dismantling of furniture and protection of fragile objects. The mover will be responsible for the handling with necessary number of movers required to load and unload.

Package The Standard move
You pack the boxes. The mover takes care of some of the dismantling and assembling of the furniture in addition to assisting in loading and unloading the truck. As well as protecting fragile objects. Usually there are at least two movers.

Package The Complete move
This is the " Turnkey " formula : you leave the house/apartment as it is. The movers take care of everything (packing, cardboarding, dismantling, etc.).