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Moving your goods has never been easier

FretBay is a low-cost solution for your move an it is customized to your individual needs thanks to a simple process.

Free listing

Free listing

Post your listing along with a description of what you need to move.

Instant Quote

Instant Quote

Receive instant and free quotes from our transport partners.

Delivery tracking

Delivery tracking

Track your moving and receive it at a scheduled time.

Service rating

Service rating

Each moving company is evaluated in order to guarantee the quality of our services.

Our professional movers guarantee you the best quality/price ratio:

this is the strength of grouped transports and empty returns!

Individual moves 75% cheaper

Moving 40m3

Paris > London
901€ 1700€

Moving 20m3

Madrid > Berlin
1000€ 1800€

And a recognized quality of service

Safeguard the environment with FretBay

Safeguard the environment with FretBay

800 tons of CO2 saved each year through grouped transports and avoiding empty returns.
You can also fully offset the CO2 emissions of your journey thanks to  our calculator.