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On FretBay, you receive in a few clicks cheap quotes for all your transport and moving requests.
All you have to do is publish a listing with a clear and precise title. For example "Searching carrier for 3 packages", "Moving 20m2 Paris-London", or "Searching carrier UK- Mover in Spain for piano"
The interested carriers then make you offers, and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. And this without any management fees!

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Are you a carrier?

The process is simple.
Every day, hundreds of people post a listing to request a move, special parcel transportor a vehicle or animal move. For example, "Looking for an independent carrier for an economical move" or "Looking for a cheap move in Wales"
All you have to do is look at the ads that correspond to your travel locations to find loads and deliveries that will prevent you from returning empty. Then, you just have to propose a quote to the advertiser who will accept, or refuse, your offer. And all this for free!

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A Win-Win System

On the FretBay free freight exchange, it's a win-win situation:
Carriers find new customers who fit perfectly into their mandatory truck routes, so as not to have to drive empty, and private individuals and professionals can thus enjoy a cheap freight transport or move, carried out by a professional.
At FretBay, we are convinced that a better truck load factor and a better distribution of road freight offer economic advantages for everyone but also for the environment!
FretBay registration is free and without obligation, enjoy it!