100% FREE Service

for finding movers or carriers of furniture, cars, motorcycles and boats. Enjoy free instant quotes that are available in a matter of minutes (no unsolicited phone calls). Add your move or transport listing to reveive offers.

A problem? >Reimbursement guaranteed!

If a carrier cannot insure your move, you are 100% reimbursed. We also offer to cover your personal belongings with Axa, an insurance policy that is perfectly adapts to your needs.

Move cheaper

120 € instead of 300 €? Thanks to the shared transport of goods and the empty returns of trucks, FretBay provides transport and moving solutions that are up to 75% cheaper than with a traditional carrier. After the free publication of your request, the carriers offer you their quotes in real time.

A customer service that listens to you

Do you have any questions? Our customer service department answers your questions every day from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm. A dynamic and attentive team provides you with quick answers and can find a solution to all your situations. Do you have any suggestions? You can also write to us at support@fretbay.com

A trusting relationship with our carriers

All our professional movers provide the legal documents proving their existence so that they can offer you their transport services. We choose to work only with professional transporters to guarantee you a quality service.

Custom moving and transport

Our professional carriers and movers understand your constraints and obligations and remain flexible enough to adapt to your needs, making your transport convenient and stress-free. You have the choice between several quotes and the option of communicating directly with the carriers to define the mode of transport and removal, via a messaging system, before accepting an offer.

No payment before your move or transport

Book an offer by paying only a small percentage of the accepted shipping quote (refundable if the carrier cancels the shipment). Pay the remaining amount directly to the mover, according to the conditions and on the agreed day. We have set up several secure payment methods to allow you to choose the one that suits you best. We work with Paypal, the most popular and secure payment method. You can also pay safely by credit card.

Trustworthy and honest service

Our community can assess the quality of service after moving or delivering their items. These reviews will then appear publicly on the carriers' profiles. This is the best proof of the reliability of our professional movers.

The protection of your personal information

Are my personal details disclosed to a third party? No, there is no need to worry as we guarantee the protection of all your personal information. A secure anonymous question and answer system has been set up so that you can ask your questions to the carriers in complete peace of mind, without your personal details being specified.

An ecological and sustainable mindset,

Our system offers groupage and loading possibilities to avoid empty truck returns, thus minimizing CO2 emissions and their impact on our society. FretBay has been declared a green initiative company and has saved hundreds of thousands of unnecessary kilometres for the thousands of European users who have used our services.

No charge and no hassle policy.

If our moving and transport partners cancel your move or transport, we will refund you 100% of the amount of your deposit.