Professional movers

Everyone's responsibility

You are moving and have chosen to use professional movers.

Even if it is their job, they are not safe from an incident with your fragile objects, furniture or any other property likely to be damaged, broken or lost. What are your responsibilities and those of the mover?

Professional movers have the status of freight carriers. This status was defined by the law of 30 December 1982 and is subject to a number of obligations

Before the move, the mover and the professional carrier as well as the customer must complete a "declaration of value" form to be attached to the contract. The client should not forget to read the contract carefully as well as all its clauses, particularly those concerning the mover's responsibilities. As a general rule, the freight transport service provider has a professional insurance policy that compensates according to the weight of the transported object, but it is possible to take out additional insurance to compensate according to the value of the object (e. g. Axa Partner insurance from FretBay).

The mover may be excluded from liability only in the event of natural disasters, a hidden defect on one of the items transported, or a property improperly packed by you.

During the collection, it is necessary to list the furniture, objects, boxes entrusted to the remover/carrier on the "consignment note" without forgetting to sign it by both parties.

Upon delivery, the mover must present the customer with a delivery note. The customer must then check the transported goods as they are unloaded from the vehicle. The consumer must then mention and record the damage caused as precisely as possible.

The customer must by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or by bailiff's act sent confirmation of damage to the movers. The mover will send the documents to his insurance company himself.

If you purchased Axa insurance when you signed the contract on, contact us so that your documents can be transferred directly to the insurance. It is recommended that you include with this letter your invoices, insurance certificate and any other document that proves the value of your property...

The client will then be compensated in two ways:

  • - Flat-rate compensation (on all the furniture transported).
  • - Compensation per object, only the broken, damaged or lost object is compensated.

Be careful, don't forget that insurance limits are in place for compensation, don't forget to check.