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Cheaper legal transport with FretBay

Auction System

FretBay sets up an underbidding auction system for its customers, encouraging each carrier to offer you the lowest prices on the market. In addition, you benefit from the groupage and empty returns encouraged by the site and save up to 75% on your transport or relocation...

Reliable carriers and movers

We offer you reliable carriers and movers. Members of our community test and evaluate transport providers to ensure that your goods can be transported with confidence.

Professional and verified movers

All carriers in the FretBay community are professionals with official documents allowing them to carry out this activity and requiring them to take out insurance for each of their customers. In addition, your payment via the FretBay platform is systematically secured by the online payment system PayPal.

Transport: The risks of the black market

Deadlines not met
  • Deadlines not met
  • Damage not repaid
  • No after-sales service
  • Theft and disappearance of your merchandise
Co-responsibility for tax payment
  • Co-responsibility for tax payment
  • Unpaid taxes and social contributions
  • Up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros
  • Stress, a lot of stress

The black market has many more disadvantages than advantages. Most of the time, you will be dealing with individuals who pretend to be movers when they do not respect the law and have no official documents. In these cases, you have no guarantee for your furniture and belongings, which can be stolen at any time by these fake carriers without you being able to trace them or file a complaint. First and foremost, the black market means stress, lots of it.




By encouraging shared transports and empty returns, FretBay allows its carriers and movers to limit the empty kilometres of trucks, and therefore the emission of polluting gases. By participating in the optimization of journeys and the maximum filling of transport vehicles, you contribute to the protection of our planet.



As soon as your ad is published, it is visible to all carriers in the FretBay community. If your transport falls within their capacities and availability, they respond directly to your ad by offering you their prices.

No unsolicited calls

No unsolicited calls

As your contact details are not visible to the carriers until you find the service that suits you, you are sure not to receive unwanted calls.



All users of FretBay have the possibility to post their ad on the site for free and without obligation. There are therefore no fees to be expected for FretBay customers until they have found the service that suits them.

The platform FretBay brings together legal transport companies to fight against the black market by promoting groupage and minimizing empty returns. All this is possible thanks to the system developed by FretBay.

This system offers carriers the possibility to offer attractive prices to shippers in real time.

Our prices are not higher than the prices offered on the black market. However, transport at this price ensures quality of service and professionalism, which is not the case in the illegal market. The black market, although attractive because of its very low prices, exposes the individual to many risks of scams, poor quality service and offers no insurance in the event of an accident

Ship your items via FretBay and enjoy an economical, reliable, quality service and support legal transport.