To ensure a smooth move, here are some tips about your organization before and during the move.

Start by choosing your time period carefully. If you have the opportunity, avoid school holidays and especially summer holidays, which lead to soaring prices. If you have the opportunity, avoid school holidays and especially summer holidays, which lead to soaring prices. This is a good first piece of advice for a cheap move

Moving advice

3 months before your move

If you are a tenant, inform your landlord or trustee of your future departure by Registered Letter with Acknowledgement of Receipt (LRAR). The time frame varies depending on the situation. It is reduced to one month in the case of a transfer, but as a general rule the legal time limit is three months. The owner has 2 months to refund the deposit. Therefore, plan for adequate cash flow!

Do not neglect the house inventory which will allow you to project yourself into possible houseworks in order to return the apartment or house in the state in which you rented it. Because renovation work cannot be improvised; because the work is very expensive, it is preferable to consult several existing sites in the field of moving and DIY advice or to call on expert friends!

Moving advice

1 month before your move

The move is approaching and the stress is increasing... Have a good coffee, tea or chocolate to relax and check the essential tasks listed below for the smooth running of your move.

To start, you need to choose a mover. A tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort since we are about to entrust him with "a piece of our memories". FretBay facilitates this task by putting you in contact with several legal and professional movers, noted for their previous services, on his transportation purse.

Moving is also a good way to sort through your papers. Know that you will have to keep

All your life : Family booklet, marriage contract, health booklet and vaccination certificate, blood group card, property title.

Their entire period of validity : Salary slip (until your retirement), guarantee certificates, school records, invoices for the acquisition of your valuable assets.

30 years : Invoices for work performed by a craftsman.
10 years : Bank statements, cheque stubs, Light/Gas invoices, invoices issued by a merchant.
5 years : Rent receipts, notarial fee invoices.
4 years : Tax payment proof and any…
3 years : Audiovisual Royalty Notice.
2 years : Employment contract after termination.
1 year : freight forwarder invoices.

After having sorted all your papers, several administrative formalities have to be carried out before your move.

If your move is due to a new arrival in your family, it is possible to have a moving allowance granted. To benefit from it, contact the nearest town hall in your area.

For school children, inform the school by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt requesting unsubscription and the school certificate. To register in the new school, simply contact the town hall or the rectorate (depending on the class attended by the child)

There are many applications for admission to a nursery school: the sooner the application is made, the more likely your child will be accepted!

Don't delay any longer and take out your agenda to make an appointment with your gas/electricity provider to cancel your contract and read your meters.

If you just want to transfer your phone line to your new home with the same operator, don't bother, a simple phone call is enough. On the other hand, if you are considering changing your operator, remember to terminate your telephone line by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (see standard letters above)

It is important to inform your insurer of your change of residence by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in order to transfer your home insurance, which is mandatory if you are a tenant (see standard letters above)

Don't forget to change your car/motorcycle insurance because the premium and rate depend on the geographical area where the vehicle is used and how it is parked.

An indispensable and often forgotten advice: the reservation of the parking space for the truck on the day. Indeed, if you do not have a private parking space, it is possible to obtain a temporary parking permit from the town hall.

You must also communicate your new address to all third parties who may need it for this purpose.

However, do not forget to communicate your address to the magazines and newspapers to which you subscribe, to your mobile operator, to your bank, etc. (see model letters above).

The most important moving advice : do the IRR. Finally, the time has come to sort, give, sell, barter and, why not, throw it away! One month before your move, a good part of your boxes must be made to move as serenely as possible. Mark the boxes by content, part, degree of fragility, etc. Moving boxes are available in the shop FretBay and are delivered within 48 hours maximum.

Moving advice

1 week before your move

The choice of the mover is made, the contact was made as soon as you paid the deposit on FretBay. A week before, a second contact is required to confirm the moving arrangements previously agreed.

For the respect of the neighbours and the caretaker, post a note in the lobby of the building or inform the other houses around you of the day of your move and apologize for any noise it may cause.
Once the administrative procedures are completed (at last!), make an inventory of the furniture and boxes you will give to the movers and put your valuables in a safe place.

Moving advice

The day before your move

Only one moving advice for the day before D-day: equip yourself with a broom, sponge, mop, detergents, etc.... while listening to good music!

Moving advice

The day of your move

When leaving, check all rooms and closets to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Turn off all taps in the bathrooms, toilets and kitchen. If you have the opportunity, turn off the electricity and water.
Other details, make sure your mailbox is empty and then remove your name from it, not to mention the door and doorbell.

When you arrive, the move is not over yet!
Make sure that all items delivered are in good condition and have all made the move, expert advice! If everything is in order, sign the delivery note (in particular called "consignment note").

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